About Candidate


I was born and raised in the City of Cottage Grove, I went to Hillside School and Park JR. and SR. High schools.

I have supported youth sports here in Cottage Grove, I coached both baseball and soccer I also was a volunteer umpire for baseball. As a youth I played baseball and football. As a teenager I spent time in activism working at protecting our state and federal forests. I have been an activist my whole adult life, I spent many of hours at the state capital lobbying for LGBT rights, the environment and social justice, farming rights, clean water and clean air. I spent four years on the Public Safety Health and Welfare Commission here in the City of Cottage Grove. I lived in St Paul for a few years in the 90's and I helped them implement the recycling project, I was recognised by the city for my efforts. I moved back to Cottage Grove and I have lived here ever since.

I have been a union steward and spent time on my political parties Coordinating Committee as well as my locals chair. There are many challenges we all go through on daily basis but as a bisexual male I have found life can be very difficult, I have been married twice now and to my current wife Lynn for 15 years, we have three sons between the two of us, my sons Albert ano Jesse and her son Tristan.